Kafka Asynchronous Guidelines

There are several technologies to implement event-driven architectures, but this section is going to focus on the predominant technology on this subject : Apache Kafka.

Apache Kafka can be considered as a Streaming Platform which relies on the several concepts:

  • Super high-performance, scalable, highly-available cluster of brokers

    • Availability

      • Replication of partitions across different brokers

    • Scalability

      • Partitions

      • Ability to re-balance partitions across consumers automatically when adding/removing them

    • Performance

      • Partitioned, re-playable log (collection of messages appended sequentially to a file)

      • Data copied directly from disk buffer to network buffer (zero copy) without even being imported to the JVM

      • Extreme throughput by using the concept of consumer group

    • Security

      • Secure encrypted connections using TLS client certificates

      • Multi-tenant management through quotas/ACLs

    • Client APIs on different programming languages : Go, Scala, Python, REST, JAVA, ...

    • Stream processing APIs like Kafka Streams

    • Ecosystem of connectors to pull/push data from/to Kafka

    • Clean-up processes for storage optimization

      • Retention periods

      • Compacted topics

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