API Guidelines
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adidas REST API Guidelines

Adidas REST API Guidelines define standards and guidelines for building REST APIs at adidas. These Guidelines have to be followed in addition to the Adidas General API Guidelines.
The REST API Guidelines are further split into the following parts:
  • Core Principles
    REST API Guidelines Core Principles defines the rules that MUST be followed at throughout the full API lifecycle.
  • Functionality Guidelines
    • Protocol guidelines define the protocols used within the organization.
    • The Message guidelines define the structure and semantics of messages used to exchange information.
    • The Application guidelines define the definition and use of application-specific semantics.
  • Quality Guidelines
    Evolution and Execution guidelines define the rules for achieving the desired architectural qualities of systems.
    • ****Evolution****
      Evolution qualities governance, such as testability, maintainability, extensibility, and scalability.
    • ****Execution****
      Execution qualities governance, such as security and usability.
  • Guides Guides and materials supporting the REST API Guidelines
  • API Clients
    Section dedicated to consumers of adidas APIs