Any JSON-based message MUST conform to the following rules:

  1. All JSON field names MUST follow the Naming Conventions (camelCase, American English, etc.)

  2. Field names MUST be ASCII alpha num characters, underscore (_) or dollar sign ($)

  3. Boolean fields MUST NOT be of null value

  4. Fields with null value SHOULD be omitted

  5. Empty arrays and objects SHOULD NOT be null (use [] or {} instead)

  6. Array field names SHOULD be plural (e.g. "orders": [])


All API designers MUST validate the definition of the payloads in requests/responses with the JSON Schema for the defined structure prior to the publication of the API Contract in SwaggerHub.

The publication of the JSON schema corresponding to the expected payloads in the bodies of requests and responses SHOULD be kept up to date according to the evolution of the API.

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